Hidden Gems of Prishtina

Hidden Gems as a project already exists in most European and world countries, and as an idea offers an alternative and unique platform which in most cases is accessible only to the citizens of Prishtina.

Apart from the fact that this project expands the attractions, it also makes it more authentic and avoids the templates of industrial tourism.

Primary goal of hidden gems will be the expansion or highlighting of places / locations / monuments / which are known mainly only by local residents.

Hidden Gems aims to make these places more accessible and popular with visitors / tourists, whether local or international. The project aims to make these ‘secrets’ accessible.

Beneficiaries of the project – direct beneficiaries are foreign tourists, residents of Kosovo, the region, because it aims to increase the number of local or foreign visitors, whether daily or on weekends with some of the activities and places that are often frequented by residents local, but which are not sufficiently known by others. It also enriches the cultural and tourist path of Prishtina. Indirect beneficiaries are the owners of local businesses such as gastronomic ones, craftsmen, access to any of the cultural institutions.

Part of the Hidden Gems will be sites linked with: cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) religious monuments, communist architectural heritage, nature and landscapes, local food and drinks, urban culture and art, festivals and public- independent art spaces, traditional and modern crafts, cultural institutions, museums, local markets etc.

The first list of the Hidden Gems of Pristina represented is the site, is only the beginning of the many more lists which will be included and promoted in near future.

Authors of the project: Bekim Xhemili and Muamer Sivrikoz.