Piccadilly Burektore

Start a day – tour by tasting an authentic Kosovar fast food Burek at Piccadilly –Burektore.

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City Park

City park in Prishtina is one of the few parks that city has. It is situated 500m from city center …

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The Partisans Martyrs Cemetery (Velania)

In the late 1950s, plans were initiated by regional governments and veterans organizations …

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Institute for Protection of the Monuments of Kosovo

The house where the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Kosovo is located today …

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Jashar Pasha Mosque

The Jashar Pasha Mosque, located in the historic centre of the city of Prishtina …

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The Cafe of Mile Qorri

There are few records about the early history of this monument. However, those who lived …

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Hivzi Sylejmani Library

The building of the City Library “Hivzi Sylejmani” according to the inscription on the facade  …

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Museum – Independence House Dr. Ibrahim Rugova

Historical building that once served as a head of Kosovo Writers Association in late 1980s …

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Silversmith – filigree workshop Krenare Rakovica

Krenare Rakovica, the only female silversmith – filigree artist in Prishtina, has a small shop …

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Street Art of Prishtina – Tunnel at the Train Station in Prishtina

The home of 500 talented artists and 140 awesome volunteers has brought the vibrancy …

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The Prapashtica Mosque

The Prapashtica Mosque, constructed in the nineteenth century, is one of the religious buildings…

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Mulla Ademis’ House

Mulla Ademi’s home is located in the village of Keqekolle (Pristina Municipality) and is one of the oldest…

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The Keqekolla Stronghold

Keqekolla stronghold is only around a 20-minute drive from Prishtina. According to archeological evidence…

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From Nursery to Prison

The building where today is the anti-tuberculosis clinic, was built during the period of Kingdom of Serbs…

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From one to prison to another

Modernisation period in Prishtina started at the end of the nineteenth century. The building of the first Albanian school…

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From Prison to Solitary Confinement

The University of Pristina Rectorate also “hides” traces of the persecution and imprisonment of citizens…

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