Street Art of Prishtina – Tunnel at the Train Station in Prishtina

The home of 500 talented artists and 140 awesome volunteers has brought the vibrancy back to the city life of Prishtina while continuing to grow a super dynamic community. Cities vibrate, tales are made and people unite. The largest festival in the region, Meeting of Styles Kosovo, was organized for the 6th year in a row to do what it does best: transcend all kinds of borders through a shared love for street art.

Meeting of Styles Kosovo, have transformed 8000m² into artistic statements to reclaim residual spaces for the public, revitalize the places where childhood memories were made, and engrain a sense of shared responsibility in the streets. Event had cover lots of more square meters by turning the Tunnel at the Train Station in Prishtina into an immersive path to pass through.

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Condition: Neglected