Hivzi Sylejmani Library

The building of the City Library “Hivzi Sylejmani” according to the inscription on the facade dates from 1930. The initial function was residential and the house was owned by a merchant of Jewish origin Jovan Milic from Pristina. The yard of the building is surrounded by brick walls covered with tiles, and high greenery (pine), which emphasize the location in a special way. The ground floor of this one-story building has constructive content and external pillars that support the stairs and rest areas through which the floor is reached.

From November 1944, the former Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia for Kosovo was located in this building, while from 1948 this house was transformed into a library of the city of Prishtina.

The condition of the library was bad and without institutional attention. On the occasion of holding the Manifesta Biennial in Pristina in 2022, the Hivzi Sylejmani Library was part of the Biennial, where it has been restored and opened for visitors.

Note: The first three photos are from the time before the restoration.

Condition: Good