Mulla Ademis House

Mulla Ademi’s home is located in the village of Keqekolle (Pristina Municipality) and is one of the oldest and unquestionably most beautiful mansions in the Gallapi area. The foundation with carved stones instantly draws the attention when you see this house, but also with some more attention, you may see the engraved stone where you with the star of David, half moon, and a snake. Along with the symbols, there is text in the Ottoman language. This home was constructed in the second part of the nineteenth century. Except of the beauty this place has an extremely tragic history since it is where Mulla Adem’s family of nine people was killed. We’re talking about the massacre on January 10, 1921, when Serbian soldiers and gendarmes murdered him and nine other family members in front of his home.

Condition: Poor, neglected