From Prison to Solitary Confinement

The University of Pristina Rectorate also “hides” traces of the persecution and imprisonment of citizens who were against the official line of communism. This building was built during the Ottoman Empire and was used as a military barrack.

In the basement of the rectorate, there was also a prison, traces of which can still be seen today. Entering the place that has been used as a prison is possible only through a well-like hole from the first floor, which creates an image of a bunker. It leads you to a long corridor where three small rooms branch off. The rooms have no doors but only a few small holes from above where it is thought that the light came in, but also the food of the prisoners was given to them. In an article of a daily newspaper, a detail was revealed that after the 1999 war, when the NATO forces (so-called Kosovo forces – KFOR) entered the building, they found helmets and military masks from the period 1998/99 in the premises of the building.